Like Water

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Welcome to the streets of Oakland, CA. Meet

Alex and Jonah.

Best friends since childhood: the poet and the professor. One black, one white. One dead –killed by police with a Taser to the heart– and one bereft, trying to figure out how to go on livingand how to find justice.

Like Water is a gripping first novel from author T. Thorn Coyle. PF Publishing is proud to inaugurate this new imprint with this powerful work.

"Like Water is a love letter to both the streets of Oakland and the youth who walk them. It tells of the city's history as well as the conflagrations threatening to devour it. These are characters attempting to love through the fire."  - Nayomi Munaweera author of Island of a Thousand Mirrors

T. Thorn Coyle is well known for her non-fiction books on spiritual practice. She is active on Twitter, Facebook and the streets that border the San Francisco Bay. This is her first novel.

You can find out more about her at and,, and